The Bread Jesus Gives Is Much Greater Than the Corona-Virus Or Any Virus.  

To Hear An Amazing Story Of Being Saved By Fire And Heat From A Deadly Virus  See Below.

What Was The BREAD Jesus Gave?  A Shocking Research!

Truth Too Often Is Hid In Plain Sight -- Hidden By Popular And Unquestioned Traditions.

A Vital One Page Document On The Subject 

The Two Below Pages Focusing On The Literal Food Jesus Ate At The Last Supper, And Reveal How Confused Our

Religious World Is On Most Basic Things, Giving One Much Reason To Wonder About Many Other Issues. 

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God Not Only Has Provided An Abundance Of Meaningful Miracles,  But therewith  Also 

Has Seen Fit That The Corona-Virus Should Shake Our World. A Wake-up Call.

CHURCHES NEED SHAKEN -- And To A Healthy Awakening!

The Below Page Pertains To Many Churches And Christians, 

Although Especially To The Featured Church.

Is God by the Corona-Virus which has instigated isolation and

prohibited large gatherings seeking to teach those who too much trust in man

and large gatherings of men, to rather be alone with God and to seek and trust in Him?

The Corona-Virus (And All Viruses) Provide A Unique Metaphor Of Sin And Error.

Saved From Such By Fire And Heat!

Watch The Video With A Personal Exuberant Testimony!

   The below video tells of being saved from a deadly virus by FIRE!   Likewise it certainly takes a FIRE (a shaking), to purge man from the virus of deeply rooted error.  Religious dogma, organization, and prestigious explanations will not save from such virus.  Rather it often takes prestigious terminologies and complex explanations, to excuse errors and hide TRUTH, although certainly not to explain it. In the last 2000 years many RELIGIOUS COOKS AND CROOKS have arisen and through mixing together the doctrines of men have turned Christ's Bread of Life into a confusing, complicated, and bitter religious soup. The toilet paper rage together with the Corona-Virus makes one think of how too many of man’s religious manners and explanations are like mere toilet paper and seeking preservation with it.  Why could God find no one to stand in the gap, and thus sent out the fire of His wrath on the land (Ezek 22:30-31)?   Possibly because all were looking to and trusting each other, and had convinced themselves God only speaks through the multitude, rather than opening their eyes and digging for rock bottom truth.  It actually can feel very good and be very comforting to be supported in our errors, and the meetings where that is done can be so encouraging!  The gay society also loves and desires that warm comfort, and yes is seeking to twist the whole world to get it.  But may God RATHER THAN GIVING US ERRING COMFORT, get us into the FIRE needed to save us from the virus of falsity.  Yes just like God got the sick one in the below video into the fire needed to save him, as he exuberantly explains.   Although the needed heat is uncomfortable, it brings about a rich blessing as shown in the song they sing in the second video.  I have been closely communicating with the mother of the one saved by fire.   There certainly is no lasting security in untruth and error, thus may we flee such.

   A verse that uniquely relates to these issues, "...the fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is. If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire."   (1 Cor 3:13-15)

Possibly this involved more miracle than Jason thought.  It is amazing how the 

vile mucus sweated and oozed out all over their bodies.  His family also was sick. 

A song sung By Jason and family

and others in the compound after the healing by the fireplace.